Yo-kai Watch 2 is out in the USA

Yo-kai Watch 2 is out in the USA

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The long awaited games Yo-kai Watch 2 Bony Spirits and Yo-kai Watch 2 Fleshy Souls are finally out in the USA.

Known as the 3 million copies sold best seller game in Japan, the third version "Shinuchi" has not been announced yet but some code in the game shows it is underway. Since the publication of Yo-kai Watch 2 Demo, we are actively working on Yo-kai Watch 2 content: medallium, quests, trophies, passwords, inventories, everything you need is now up or underway.

Game differences

Some Yo-kai are exclusive to each game. Check the following picture to see which are exclusive. The first line corresponds to Bony Spirits and the other line to Fleshy Souls.

If you wish to download the game instead of buying a copy with the medal, you will receive one of the two following Yo-kai. We highly recommend you to buy a physical copy since we are going to share these two yo-kai with you all.

You get Robonyan F for purchasing Bony Spirits and SailorNyan for purchasing Fleshy Souls.

Ingame contents

The ingame contents such as chests, items, storyline, are the same. However, there are exclusive side quests.
Quests, favours and such are to be put online as soon as we completed everything.

If you bought the game, head to the forum and register, introduce yourself and let's battle/share yo-kai with the community !

Yo-kai Watch 2

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