Yo-kai Watch World April update

Yo-kai Watch World April update

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It's been a long time since we last wrote an article on the English part. Today I would like to keep you updated with what is happening on Yo-kai Watch World since the release of Yo-kai Watch 2 in the West and this week in Europe.

Yo-kai Watch World

While we were gathering data about Yo-kai Watch 2, we stumbled upon things we did not expect in term of design since we were used to Yo-kai Watch 1 for a whole year. This has affected the site design which has been improved compared the first design. A few things remain to be updated, like the mobile part, but we on the right track.

As from today, the site is switching from HTTP to HTTPS. For a few days, redirection errors can be found. This is our top priority starting now to fix them all.

Regarding the Yo-kai Watch World Shop, we are now shipping worldwide and you will soon be able to order exclusive goods from the Yorozu-mart when the May campaign will start.

Since January 2017, with no actuality about Yo-kai Watch, you are 3921 unique users coming on the site with more than 130000 pages read every month. Thank you !

That's it for the website part, now let's have a look to the new content added.

Yo-kai Watch 2

The release of Yo-kai Watch 2 half a year before its release in Europe helped us to build and improve Yo-kai Watch 2 data part. As expected, we were ready for the European release and we've been working on it since the beginning of March. We have added the following in Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian and Korean:

And a few pages for your information:

We hope you do enjoy all this content and maps. We believe it is now time to move on to another game until Yo-kai Watch 2 Shinuchi is released in the west.

Thank you everyone for your kind support, we do our best to provide you official and trustworthy content !



Yo-kai Watch 2 scheduled for April 7th in Europe

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