Y-Kai Watch World

Do not trust Yo-kai Watch Wikis


When we started to gather information about the licence Yo-kai Watch, we decided to work on our own, meaning we would only trust what we got by ourselves than what is written online. We stumbled upon crazy things online, contradicting official information.

It has been months since we've been working on our own on Yo-kai Watch data, not only in English but in every languages the game has been...

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Yo-kai Watch World is open


Nous have the pleasure to announce you the opening of Yo-kai Watch World website !
The site will relate all information about Yo-kai Watch universe as well as the useful content to help you through your plays. The main goal is to offer a place for the worldwide community.

Before being a website, we were a facebook page launched in January 2016. The growing popularity of the page and the...

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#Yo-kai Shop#

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