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Yo-kai Watch España wiki is trustworthy


Recently, the Yo-kai Watch España wiki contacted us regarding our article "Do Not Trust Yo-kai Watch Wikis", letting us know they are working in a more serious and different way than any other Wiki or English fansite around the web.

After talking about their working process, which just like us work without the help of the internet and through the official data, you can fully trust them and...

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Website updates and giveaway


We were supposed to release an article about the October update and we didn't, so this article will cover both October and November updates and upcoming great things. Let's go !

Data mining

We are mainly focused on Yo-kai Watch 2 but when we want to try something out such as a new design, Yo-kai Watch 1 is the very first game we work on. As you may know if you bought the second episode,...

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Do not trust Yo-kai Watch Wikis


When we started to gather information about the licence Yo-kai Watch, we decided to work on our own, meaning we would only trust what we got by ourselves than what is written online. We stumbled upon crazy things online, contradicting official information.

It has been months since we've been working on our own on Yo-kai Watch data, not only in English but in every languages the game has been...

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