Yo-kai Watch Medals

Yo-kai Medals Guide

The Yo-kai Medals have been released in Japan since 2014 with new medal series being released every time the video game or anime introduced one, sometimes followed by a new DX Yo-kai Watch. The following guide will talk about the Hasbro Medals (Europe & USA) and Bandai Medals (Japan).

What is a Yo-kai Watch medal ?

A Yo-kai Watch medal is a 4cm diameter piece of plastic on which a sticker representing a Yo-kai has been applied. It can be compared as a TCG card. These medals have various types which can be used on toys called Yo-kai Watches, where inserting a medal in the watch triggers a variety of sounds based on the Yo-kai Watch video game and anime.

These medals are meant to be heavily distributed and traded between users. In order to sell some toys, one exclusive medal or more can be found in products. For instance, each Yo-kai Watch video games are sold with a an exclusive medal. Otherwise, the majority of the medals released so far can be found in boosters just like any kind of TCG.

A Yo-kai Medal has two characteristics: colour & ID. Written on the back, the ID is unique, allowing us to efficiently sort Yo-kai Medals.

Also, a medal can be of several types which are: common, holographic (rare), variant (super rare) and legendary (extremely rare).

What is the difference between Hasbro and Bandai Yo-kai Medals ?

Let's cut to the chase, you certainly have kids who want to start a collection, and before spending some money, you maybe want to know what lies ahead. Here is a list of pros (+) and cons (-) for each brand.

+ Hasbro DX Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Medals are sold in your native language.
+ Hasbro Yo-kai Medals are only compatible with worldwide Hasbro Yo-kai Watch toys.
- Hasbro is discontinuing some medal series in some countries, leaving you with a hole in your collection.
- Hasbro is censoring or adapting the Yo-kai Medals.
- Hasbro is distributing some exclusive Yo-kai Medals to a single country each time. Scalpers are waiting for you to spend 50€/$ for a medal.
- Hasbro takes the liberty to not follow the official series released in Japan.

+|- Bandai DX Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Medals are sold in Japanese only.
+|- Bandai Yo-kai Medals are only compatible with Bandai Yo-kai Watch toys.
+ Bandai is following the video games and anime and release products as intended by Yo-kai Watch creator.
+ Bandai release to the end a complete serie of Yo-kai Medals.
+ Bandai released a lot of series with beautiful artworks.

Where can I get Bandai medals and what should I start with?

Our online shop sells Bandai Yo-kai Medals.
Thanks to your support, we managed to gather a lot of medals and add them to our database, which allows us to give you access to some Yo-kai Medal sheets to have a clear view of the bandai collection.

As of January 1st 2018, we have gathered 1600 unique medals over 2141.

As which series should you buy first, simply click on the Bandai logo and pick the series of your choice. You can find more information about the medals on the shop.