Yo-kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters Contest

Yo-kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters Contest

Komasan  - 

With Nintendo, we are holding a contest to celebrate the release of Yo-kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters.

Important Notice

The video game is the European version, with about 6 languages available. If you do not own an European/Australian 3DS, you won't be able to play the game at all.

Get your pencils ready

The contest is simple: send us a drawing with the following topic: "Darknyan and the Wicked Yo-kai".
You have a full week to enter the contest, from Wednesday 4th to 11th October, by submitting your drawing at "yokaiwatchwarudo@gmail.com", topic: "[World] Contest YW2PS".

Anyone can enter the contest, no matter your age or drawing skills, winners will be randomly picked up and all your submitted drawing shall be published in the "Drawing" section of the site.

Good luck and thank you for your participation.



Yo-kai Watch 2 Psychic Specters to be released on 29-09

Voucher code MED20