Website updates and giveaway

Website updates and giveaway

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We were supposed to release an article about the October update and we didn't, so this article will cover both October and November updates and upcoming great things. Let's go !

Data mining

We are mainly focused on Yo-kai Watch 2 but when we want to try something out such as a new design, Yo-kai Watch 1 is the very first game we work on. As you may know if you bought the second episode, Yo-kai Watch 2 includes a lot of data, I would say at least 4 times bigger than Yo-kai Watch 1.

Let's review then what has been added about Yo-kai Watch 2 games that were also applied for Yo-kai Watch 1 game.

The Yo-kai medallium has a brand new shape, taking inspiration from the ingame medallium so you can easily navigate through it, you can sort Yo-kai and easily find the one you are looking for. In every Yo-kai pages we included everything except two things: the nicknames which can be randomly given and their locations. A table can be found online on where Yo-kai can be found and as usual we won't use it.

The Aliases medallium is now here with their own artworks, so you can easily spot the differences.

Quests and Favors are underway, there is a lot to cover but Trophies part is complete.

All passwords are of course listed, though the Japanese passwords are missing.

The inventory is one huge part even bigger than the medallium. You can easily check items info and sort them. Some Key Items like the NyAKB48 have a full size picture included.

The Crank-a-Kai is now complete with all 5 Crank-a-kai of the game, which include 370 acquirable Yo-kai. May the hose be with you.

Yo-criminals part is now complete and you can now know what these scoundrels did to be wanted by the Yo-kai police. This is North Korea out there !


If you are following us on facebook or Twitter, we did a lot of giveaways to get Robonyan F, Sailornyan, Machonyan and some Yo-kai you were all looking for. This time we are running a giveaway where 10 random winners will be picked up to get the 5 wicked Yo-kai bosses. The giveaway takes place on the Forum right now, but becareful, make sure to register and introduce yourself before posting on the giveaway topic.

Things we couldn't finish in time

Unfortunately, we were unable to finish the Yo-kai Watch Manualis app update and release the other maps. It's still underway, we are going to release them as soon as the Yo-kai location list is complete.

Upcoming features

Yo-kai Spots part is coming for December update if things go according to our plans. Also, Yo-kai Watch the movie 2 subtitles in Blu-Ray will be available soon. It can already be watched in DVD with crappy subs online. This time just like the first movie we worked on, we improved the subs.

Talking about Anime, we are making our own subs for the uncensored one. We don't know when it is going to be released.

December update will also include some optimisations and design clean-up here and there.

Thank you for reading and your support !


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