Bronze Trophies

Rookie Blaster

Played for 30+ hours.

Yo-kai Talent Scout

Filled 25% of the Medallium.

Master of Music

Unlocked every song in the Music app.


Unlocked every video in the Movies app.

Soul Gems Meister

Used Soulcery to create a level 10 Soul Gem.

Yo-kai Trader

Traded Yo-kai 10 times.

Wayfarer Warrior

Encountered 100 people via StreetPass.

Bottom-Barrel Beast

Won in the Wayfarer Coliseum using just E-Rank Yo-kai.

Beat Camp

Raised a Yo-kai to level 99.

Red Cat Sympathizer

Cooperated with Red Cat Corps players 30 times.

White Dog Supporter

Cooperated with White Dog Squad players 30 times.

One in One Hundred

Defeated 100 foes.

Elite Blaster

Cleared 40 different missions.

Peace Keeper

Completed 50 Mini-Mini Missions.

True Savior

Revived allies 50 times.

Koma Kommander

Won 30 Koma Battles.

Great Power

Used Great Change 100 times.

Call 9999

Caused 9999 damage with a single attack.

Chocobar Maniac

Ate 10 Chocobars in a single mission.

Boss Master

Cleared all Big Boss missions on Normal Mode.