Bronze Trophies

Promising Rookie

Played for 30+ hours.

Yo-kai Fan

Obtained 100 unique Yo-kai Medals.

All Maxed Out!

Leveled a Yo-kai to Level 99.

Mirror Master

Woke up 30 Mirapos.

Helipad Hero

Is there anywhere you HAVEN'T landed the Spewcopter?

Deep Driller

You've drilled enough rocks to make a quarry!

Hazy Hiker

Walked 7,000m down The Hazy Lane.

Close Circles of Friends

Completed 10 Yo-kai Circles.


Unlocked 50 videos in Movies app.

Nyanber One

Increased Build-a-Nyan's rank to S-Rank.

Culinary Connoisseur

Collected 130 different varieties of food.

Soul Synergist

Got a Soul Gem to the highest level.

Gem Guru

Fused a rare Soul.

Draw of Destiny

Hit the jackpot at Granny Edna's Sweetshop.


Won 100 battles.

Soultimate Star

Charged 200 Soultimate moves.

Covering Fire!

Fired the Yo-kai Blaster 100 times.

Quick Stepper

Collected 300 wisps.

Helping Hand

Used 100 Battle Items.

Cycling Star

Came first in every bike race.

Paddle to the Metal

Cleared every raft course.

You're Not Funny!

Successfully escaped the clown 20 times.

Boy Scout

Helped guide the Lost Old Lady 30 times.

Chick Champion

Helped guide the lost chick 30 times.

Crimson Curiosities

Opened 30 red boxes.

Pride of Mr. Box

Opened 20 chests.

Oni Obfuscator

Collected 10 Oni Orbs and successfully escaped Terror Time.

Quality Control Champ

Inspected 1,000 watches.

Fine Dining

Dined at Ambrosia Pavilion.


Encountered 100 people via StreetPass.


Collected 300 Wayfarer Stamps.

Yo-kai Beginner

Achieved Official Battle Rank D.

Bringin' Your B Game

Leveled your Blasters Team to level 30.