Red Hot Dancer

## Our eyewitness's face was warped with fear: "I s-s-saw it...a bright red dancing...thing! What the heck was with those moves?!" A most unexpected incident in our quiet town. It seems one of the fire hydrants in BBQ was a Yo-kai in disguise. Some Yo-kai transform to goof around and startle humans, but this one was looking for an excuse to leak.

The Voice of Nature

## We have a few reports of people hearing an uncanny voice around town. Multiple witnesses describe a strange voice emerging from the normal sounds of nature, such as the rustle of leaves. We were able to confirm that the uncanny voice was in fact the normal speaking voice of a Yo-kai. He enjoyed talking to the birds, but his laughter shook the tree.

Nest of the Morlocks

## Humanity lives relatively peacefully above ground. Soon that peace will be shaken by a force from deep beneath the earth... When it surfaces, humans will learn the true meaning of fear. The true identity of the beast has come to light! It was just a Yo-kai. He would pop up in the path of people who walk around while looking down at their feet.

Dry Grass Tumbles for the Frontier

## We have received reports of a clump of dry grass wandering the desert. We're curious, but the identity, intentions and movements of this strange traveler remain a mystery. The tumbleweed sows its seeds by detaching from the soil and rolling around the desert. Inspired by such travels, a Yo-kai decided to do the same thing.

Feeling Pumped

## Something that's indispensable to everyday life—water— is even more precious in a desert town. So naturally the residents are concerned when their supply is threatened. The town water pump was being used by a bathing Yo-kai! When we asked him why, he had this to say: "YO, I may be fly, but I can't get dry, or else I might feel thirsty. Peace!"

Right Turn Turns Wrong!

## If you've ever arrived in a new town by car, don't rely on street signs to find your way. You should ask a local instead. You never know who might have made some sneaky edits... People will trust anything written on a street sign without a second thought. That's what this Yo-kai was thinking when he turned into a signpost with the wrong street name. 

Dancing the Pinpoint Polka

## There is a man who loves to dance while his body is pinned all over like a pin cushion. There are certain Eastern remedies involving pins for health purposes, arguably, this is taking it too far... This eccentric fellow wasn't a man at all, but a cactus Yo-kai! Eyes dried to dust by the desert dunes, this Yo-kai sought to get a kick out of inspiriting any poor sap it could lay its hands on.

A Peppy Pasture

## The happiest and healthiest cows are, of course, those brought up on a diet of fresh grass. At this farm, however, the grass is so fresh it seems to have taken on a life of its own! The grass was a disguised Yo-kai who was looking to "veg out." One would think they could have picked a better spot than a pasture filled with hungry cows though...

The Bewitched Bicycle

## A strange bike moving of its own accord? "Impossible" you may say. However, if half the rumors are true, a "bike" shaped object has been spotted jerking around like crazy, all by itself! There's a time and a place for circus tricks. However, for this Yo-kai, nothing beats leaping onto kids' bicycles to practice for the big top!

Yo-kai Can't Jump

## *thud* *thud* came the sound of a basketball being dribbled up the court. "I wanna play too", thought the boy. But when he got there, the court was deserted, and the ball was dribbling itself! Who'd have thought Yo-kai were partial to a game of basketball? Too bad it's not more popular. There's not even enough interest to form a team right now!

Feloniously Fresh

## Of course, we all want to buy the freshest vegetables when we go shopping. But would you buy a vegetable that told you just how fresh it was to your face? As this Yo-kai was on a quest to put folks off their greens, it would have been prudent, perhaps, not to turn into the ripest, juiciest vegetable on the counter...

Oar Inspiring!

## A man tries to board a deserted boat washed up on the riverbank. However, after placing a foot on deck, the boat paddles out to sea all by itself... Just who could it belong to? A skilled Yo-kai oarsman was behind this so-called riderless boat. Riding a Yo-kai rowing boat feels like riding a motor boat, you can sit back and put your feet up!

Volatile Vases

## "Hold on tight" should be the mantra for all who have to carry priceless vases. But what if these vases purposely try to throw themselves from your grasp? A scary thought! These exquisite vases turned out to be rather less than exquisite Yo-kai. The sort of Yo-kai who would purposefully place themselves where they can be broken easily...

A Barrel of Bouncing Befuddlement

## A weird barrel that goes *b-boing* when touched was discovered down a dark alley. It's rumored to contain a liquid that turns things to rubber! Turns out the barrel was a buoyant, bouncing Yo-kai, that just loves to spring out whenever bad guys abound down badly lit back alleys!

Sofa So Good

## A phenomenon involving a cushion that likes to leap up and down on sofas has been tentatively put down to the fact that it's simply too soft and fluffy for its own good. Seems that Yo-kai are forbidden to jump on sofas the same as kids are, which explains why this Yo-kai was disguised as a fluffy cushion!

Beware Clowns Bearing Balloons

## Listen kids, never accept balloons from invisible clowns. If you're already a ghost, however, then that's different. All this prankster Yo-kai wanted was for someone to notice him, so he turned himself into a balloon. Careful you don't hold onto his string, or who knows where you'll blown to!

Hold Your Horses

## Once upon a time, a couple were ambling by a quiet riverside. There they happened upon a beautiful white horse doomed to remain forever in place, no matter how fast he galloped. It was perhaps an easy mistake to make, but this Yo-kai sincerely regretted turning into a carousel horse, unaware that the ride closes at night. So much for running wild and free...

Six Feet Blunder

## Do you believe in ghosts? Some of the dead clearly don't, as they swear they're still alive even when buried six feet under! If a Yo-kai comes back to life, of course it wants to tell everyone the good news. But, turning into a tombstone is perhaps not the best way to meet new friends...

The BBQ Man of Bronze

## The bronze statue of an old town mayor has suddenly sprung to life, romping around the town he once governed! Now that's what I call civil service! Despite hailing from Springdale, this Yo-kai was so smitten with the grandeur and stateliness of the BBQ mayor's bronze likeness, that he decided to bring it to life!

A Chilling Contraption

## An electromagnetic device is being used to heat bizarre organic matter deep in an educational facility. Could this be an evil genius's doomsday machine? The device was, in fact, just a microwave... Turns out this rather chilly Yo-kai has to inspirit a human just to heat up his soup!

Horse and "Trap"

## If you see an elegant horse-cart flitting about on a quiet evening, we advise you steer well clear. A cart that moves with neither driver nor horses can only spell bad news... Upon meeting this most somnolent of Yo-kai, we were instantly put to sleep. When we awoke, we were riding atop his horse cart out into the wild blue yonder. Yeehaw!

Board to Death

## If a huge truck goes crashing into a signboard, it's only natural that it'll break to pieces. Not many signboards visibly quake in fear even after repair though. Sometimes practice feels like banging your head against a wall. The Yo-kai involved in this incident understood that sensation very well.

The Belly Bustin' Burger

## There's a burger bar in town which serves the ridiculously tall "BBQ Behemoth Burger." Normal people can't conquer this monster, which is perhaps why aliens are trying their hand! The Yo-kai taking on this meaty mountain gave new meaning to the word "gluttony" as he chomped his way through layer after layer of patty perfection.

Fussy Flavors

## It's a hot summer's day and you're desperate for ice cream. What could be more irritating on such a day than a freezer which continuously opens and closes before your eyes?! Not being able to decide which flavor ice cream to buy is one of life's more welcome dilemmas. But for this Yo-kai, ice cream is more than a simple treat, it's a way of life!

A Beauty is a Joy Forever

## A supermodel is touring schools to promote good fashion sense in the next generation. Our reporters are at the scene! Unfortunately our journalists were summarily dismissed as prying vultures! Even those in the business of modelling the latest fashions need their privacy.

Savoring Your Bacon

## A shop in the Marketplace is renowned for its succulent, crispy bacon. Strangely, however, the shopkeeper swears that he doesn't sell anything of the sort! Turns out the bacon was really a bacon Yo-kai! He may be as crisp toward people as he tastes in their mouths, but I don't hear anyone complaining...

Suffering for Your Art

## If art is said to reflect life, I'm glad I'm not the artist of this twisted personification of grief and madness, dumped unceremoniously in a school. It doesn't matter if this Yo-kai was a troubled genius or a hoodlum graffiti artist—the art they've defaced is permanently damaged. What a loss!

Locker Larceny

## Someone's been creeping around the school corridors to open a certain locker. Why they're doing this is anyone's guess, since the locker in question is ownerless. A Yo-kai had been opening the locker! No-one's come to claim anything, despite it being crammed full of stuff. Perhaps they had something to hide...

Stray Shopping Cart

## One of the most fun parts of shopping is standing in front of the shop and wondering what you're going to buy. You wonder and think and debate until the world just disappears... During a leisurely shopping trip, we discovered a cute Yo-kai. It told us to leave it alone, so we left it in peace. For some reason, it was acting peevish. A girl's heart is a mysterious thing.

Rapidly Growing Cone Spotted

## You may think it's only natural for corn to grow. In that case, wash your ears! Cone, not corn! We've heard reports of a traffic cone growing like a plant. Now, that'd be a sight! A cone was found growing happily in a back alley... a bright red traffic cone, that is. A prankster Yo-kai had been startling people and pinching tools from construction workers.

High-tech Low-tech Toilet

## A store clerk tells us: "Recently, the seat in toilet number two has been lifting up all by itself! It's really handy, but how's it doing that if it's not plugged in?" He doesn't need to know... The mystery of the toilet; it was a Yo-kai after all! But seeing the smile on the clerk's face, happy that his store was convenient... we don't think we can tell him that a Yo-kai was responsible.

Who's Saying Thank You?

## Even if you're in a dirty back alley, you should still put your trash in a trash can. Even if you think that nobody will see, you should still do the right thing. You never know who might be watching... "All I have to do is sit around, and all sorts of interesting stuff comes my way," says the Yo-kai that was disguising itself as a trash can. It seems we throw away a lot of things others might find useful.

Cut-out Kid's Rebellious Phase?

## You know those warning signs shaped like young children, that warn motorists kids cross the street there? For some reason, this one has been causing quite a stir. What on earth is going on? It turns out that the cut-out kid was a Yo-kai in disguise all along! He liked the name "cut-out kid" so much that he even cut a hole so his stomach could hang out. He may have the wrong idea...

Swing Still Swings, Even at Night

## When all the kids leave the park at the end of the day, a gently swinging swing is a familiar sight. But when that swing keeps on swinging into the night, well, something's not quite right... When we investigated the moving swing in the park at night, who was using it but a lonely Yo-kai! Seems there are times when adult Yo-kai want to go back in time, to relive their childhoods as well.

A Restless Whisper

## As a tourist in Springdale for the first time, climbing Mt. Wildwood is an absolute must. There are reports of a stone statue moving and telling travelers about accidents that happened locally. We can now report that the voice coming from the statue was a Yo-kai who loves to scold others. We got a stern lecture, but deep down it seems this Yo-kai only wanted us to stay safe.

Happy as a Sunflower?

## That sun-loving midsummer plant: the sunflower. We've heard of an unusually healthy specimen, it looks like it might start dancing at any moment. In fact, we've got one witness reporting just that! When you see a bubbly person, do you think of sunflowers? No? Maybe you should! You could say someone was "as happy as a sunflower." Well, This Yo-kai must've been very happy indeed!

Through the Staring Glass

## A gaze seems to emanate from a traffic mirror in town. Next time you pass by, look back over your shoulder and see for yourself. We got the heebie jeebies when we tried it. We investigated the traffic mirror and found a Yo-kai in disguise! It was very passionate about traffic safety. So much so that it craned its neck to watch people as they passed.

What Monster Is This?

## A riddle for you! There are red monsters all over town! They're snatching precious objects out of peoples' hands and eating them. Yet nobody raises an eyebrow— on the contrary, they're grateful. The correct answer to the riddle of the red monsters was...a red mailbox? No, it was actually a Yo-kai in disguise! It was intercepting mail. That's against the law, call the Yo-kai Police!

A Dangerous Life Preserver

## A young boy found a swim ring in the sea. The excitement was too much for him. He ran up and jumped on it. But for some reason, it was absurdly bouncy, and he was sent flying. The rubber swim ring that has been launching people across the beach had a Yo-kai on it! It was peeved that people couldn't see that the ring was already in use. Sorry we didn't notice you!

Raging Skateboard

## It takes practice to get good at riding a skateboard. But, we wouldn't recommend training on a skateboard you found in the street. As it might just have a vendetta against humans... It seems skateboards are popular among Yo-kai as well! As you can imagine, it takes a lot of focus to keep your balance. So humans don't notice if a Yo-kai hitches a ride and pushes them off!

High and Dry Yo-kai

## It's said that San Fantastico rain can turn dried fish back to normal. Could this be the beginning of a new cooking craze? We sent our reporters to investigate. The rumors were half right. It was a dried up Yo-kai, not a fish. The rain had provided much-needed hydration. If there were a squid Yo-kai, how would it react, we wonder.

The Mystery of the Drifting Boat

## If you're walking by the water's edge and you see an empty rowboat, drifting towards the beach, you might be tempted to hop inside. But, what if the previous passenger has not left? Rowboats are quite marvelous. Not as useful for everyday needs as bicycles, but if you try one you'll see just how fun they are. It's said that even Yo-kai who are great swimmers like to row them.

New Giant Insect Discovered?

## A young boy was out catching bugs when he saw a tree that was "shaking like crazy," he told our reporter. Perhaps it's a jumbo-sized, enormously massive insect hiding in the branches! The cause of the violently trembling tree was a bug-loving Yo-kai! It took on the form of a large tree, which lured in a lot of insects. What a lazy...err, convenient way to hunt bugs!

Wee Weedy Wonders

## An aquarium worker was shocked to discover seaweed from the South Seas apparently shivering from the cold...though in a strangely rhythmic manner! There was a reason those weeds were wiggling so wonderfully... turns out they were Yo-kai trying to show the Seaweed Shuffle to a wider audience!

Maid in Horror

## Faceless apparitions of Maids stand in the rain, patiently waiting to welcome customers. Passers-by are shocked to hear "Welcome to Maid in Heaven!" emanate as if from nowhere! All this Yo-kai wanted to do was attract customers to shelter them from the rain! But their unwittingly fear-inducing methods seem to have had the reverse effect...

Off The Scale

## There's a spiteful set of scales in the gym. When someone in good shape steps on them, they discover that they're now heavier than they've ever been before. Despite being light enough to float, it seems that Yo-kai are worried about their figure as much as humans are...

Black and White Morality

## A mysterious life-form roams the park, warped into the form of panda-shaped children's play apparatus. Just what it is or where it came from is anybody's guess! Seems that everyone had a needless fear of this Yo-kai. He really has a heart of gold, and just wanted to help children have fun at the park.

A Little Spin Cleaning

## Talk about clean freaks, this fellow basically lives in the coin laundry! What's even stranger is he seems to wash the same things day in day out... Must have a messy job! This itinerant Yo-kai was taking a spin inside the washing machine! He's planning a nationwide coin laundry tour next, apparently!

Smelly Science

## There's a pungent odor wafting through the Museum's vault of late. It's gotten so bad that one professor has up and left for good ol' BBQ! If you're prone to carrying poo on a stick, you're going to make a stink. Perhaps the one thing this know-it-all Yo-kai could do with learning.

Beauty is Bone Deep

## Rumor speaks of a ghostly skeleton that likes to flaunt its gorgeous frame! Clearly even the dead want their bones to look good... Turns out the "ghost" was a model skeleton inspirited by a dolled up Skull Yo-kai! Now they're the real deal, even if they could do with fleshing out a bit...

Frog Fortuna

## Rumor has it there's an adorable parent and child frog statue that starts singing when it rains! One reporter said it's huge! Nothing pleases the crowd quite like singing frog statues! The proud Yo-kai behind this trick won't thank you if you spoil his secret though!

A Pond-erous Problem

## Recent reports talk of a lone yellow figure floating forlornly upon a mysterious pond... Is it an alien? Or some mythical creature?! Either way, this could be a real scoop! Turns out the creature was little more than a toy duck...or, to be precise, a child Yo-kai who'd taken on another form to float about in the pond.


## Astronomy enthusiasts look to the skies and behold the mysteries of space. Sometimes, however, more profound mysteries can be found much closer to home! Who would have thought an alien would be looking through a telescope?! Well, technically it was an alien wannabe Yo-kai with a strong interest in outer space.

Midnight Mayhem

## Some prankster clearly thinks it's funny to ring the Temple bells in the middle of the night. Some of us have work in the morning, you know! Tenguriginal was behind the late night bell ringing. After some attempt at civility toward his rival Tengu it seems he's straight back to his usual troublemaking.


## There's a pair of binoculars at the highest point in town which have a mind of their own! Try to put a coin in and they'll order you to leave! Turns out a Yo-kai with an eye for fine views was hogging the binoculars in Excellent Tower, stealing human coins to keep it running all day! How selfish can you get?

In the Frame of Justice

## A famous superhero stands poised outside a shop, patiently waiting to greet his fans. If he strikes a cool pose for you as you walk by, make sure to give him a wave! Yo-kai transforming into hero mannequins to show off their just deeds isn't bad per se, but it can go too far. Some Yo-kai can get carried away and end up causing big trouble.

The First Rule of Yo-Fight Club

## The residents of Tranquility Apartments are unsettled by the constant thumping noises emanating from Room B-101, which is supposedly inhabited by a young lady... Turns out the noises were due to a champion boxer Yo-kai engaged in a very tough training regime. He'd been borrowing a punch bag belonging to...the young lady.

Early Bird Catches the Bookworm

## Window shoppers are vexing enough for this troubled book store clerk, but dealing with invisible patrons and books that are floating in mid-air is a whole other ball game. Turns out the invisible patron was a Yo-kai bookworm looking to use the store as his personal library. He may be clever, but he couldn't evade detection by the keen-eyed clerk.

Slave to the Slam Dunk

## There's enthusiasm, and then there's madness. Something this basketball fan would do well to learn, as the sound of him dribbling the ball can be heard long after practice is over. This Yo-kai is keen to master the art of dribbling, but it seems he's having trouble with the "double dribble" rule.

One Flew Over that Yo-kai Pest

## The Old Hospital is a place seeping mystery from every chipped tile and broken window. There's even a rider-less wheelchair that whirls around the corridors by moonlight. Turns out the rider was an ex-patient turned Yo-kai who ended up battling you out of sheer boredom. Surely someone this peppy should have been discharged years ago!

Pianissimo Purgatory

## Pity the poor souls lured by the siren sound of piano music pouring from the 3rd floor classroom door. For within lies naught but dire dulcet doom. How such an adorable Yo-kai is capable of playing piano so discordantly is as jarring as it is confusing. It makes scratching a blackboard sound like chamber music...

Leaky Streak

## Despite having a deserted floor built above it, Room A-202 of Tranquility Apartments leaks like it's typhoon season every day of the week! Turns out a shower-loving Yo-kai decided to turn the apartment into one big wet room. Hardly surprising then, that the water ended up seeping down to the lower floors...

Home Truths

## Getting locked out of your apartment is one thing, but the proper owners of Room C-204 in Tranquility Apartments hear sounds that suggest a new occupant has moved in! Stealing a stranger's apartment was an uncharacteristically bold act for this usually timid and retiring Yo-kai. Just goes to show you can never judge a book by it's cover...

Capering Cabbages

## We've received reports from a Harrisville resident about some cabbages which have taken on a life of their own. Could this be the start of a new age of dancing vegetables? Turns out we may have to wait a while longer for real dancing vegetables since, unfortunately, a Yo-kai was behind the matter this time...

Tengular Bells

## A young boy was woken in the night by the creepy clanging of bells. Tired and angry, he stormed off to the Temple, but the priest had no idea who rang them either... We found the esteemed Yo-kai, Tengu, recklessly ringing away at the bells. During our interview, he ended up lecturing us on how to be better journalists!

An Open and Shut Case

## A school kid swears he spotted his teacher's book start flipping pages all by itself on a podium. No-one believes him of course, and now he lies awake at night, scared stiff of ghosts! Upon further investigation, we found a Yo-kai poring over a math textbook, trying to do some last minute revision. Since he was getting on so astutely, we decided to leave him to it.

All Along the Tetrapod Tower

## Tetrapods are four legged structures used for keeping waves at bay. Oddly, one at San Fantastico Harbor seems to have gotten bored and has started waddling off.... We interviewed a rather dour Yo-kai sat gloomily atop the tetrapod, sea spray lashing our coats. Our first and most pressing question was, "Could we talk somewhere a little...safer?"