This Yo-kai changes his mind as often as he washes his hand. His handshake is about as flimsy as you'd expect, too!

Ate good stuff Better than expected!

Ate average food Normal, as expected.

Ate awful food This is not tasty!

Loafed I ain't fightin'.

Befriended I never wanted to fight you anyway! So, how about we shake and make up?!

Traded Oh boy! I just knew I'd get to meet you some day! Actually, I didn't, but hey!

Gasha Why'd you free me? I was happy there! Wait, no, I mean thanks!

0Item count
Attack Icon
0 | 0
Wavy Body
Dodges attacks like you wouldn't believe!
Attack Icon
20x2 | 44x2
Technique Icon
20 | 90
Soultimate Icon
67 | 201
Sellout Slap
Turns on a foe and deals them a nasty backhand."
Soultimate Zone
Inspirit Icon
0 | 0
Slapped Silly
With the wave of a hand, a foe will attack its own allies!"

Cupcake 12%

Treasure Coin 7%
HP 38 316
ATK 22 186
SPR 4 50
DEF 10 88
SPD 16 143