Ol' Saint Trick

Ol' Saint Trick Item count

Appears during the holidays to distribute presents. For some reason he won't give you one until you correctly answer a quiz, though...

Ate good stuff Oh ho! Great!

Ate average food Hm. Not bad.

Ate awful food Naughty list...

Loafed What to do...?

Befriended Hohoho... It's beginning to look a lot like friendship?

Traded Ho ho ho! This town is on my good list. Which gift would you prefer?

Gasha Ho ho ho! I've got a present for you... Me! Ho ho ho!

skill Caring Gradually restores HP for all linked allies.
attack Fullswing
80 | 120
technique Restore
50 | 110
soultimate Pick-a-Present
0 | 0
Pulls something out of a bag... What comes out is up to chance!"
inspirit So Generous
0 | 0
Makes a Yo-kai generous enough to scatter money sometimes."
HP 44 326
ATK 8 56
SPR 25 182
DEF 14 131
SPD 22 159
Rank 2
Soultimate Zone Soultimate Zone
Item Holder Item count
Favourite Food
Common Drop
Nom Burger 11%
Rare Drop
Silver Doll 2%
Attack rate
Technique rate
inspirit rate
Guard rate