Ol' Fortune

Ol' Fortune Item count

Another old man with bags full of gifts. Unlike Ol' Saint Trick, all of his presents are good!

Ate good stuff Mmm...so rich...

Ate average food I've had worse.

Ate awful food Not at my age!

Loafed I need a nap.

Befriended You're quite the strong one! Will you take this old man with you?

Traded Ho ho ho! So this is what it feels like to be the present!

Gasha With me around, it's presents every day! So much fun, ho ho ho!

skill Penetrate Ignores enemy elemental affinity.
attack Fullswing
80 | 120
technique Lightning
50 | 110
soultimate Get-a-Present
130 | 130
Opens a bag full of presents that restore the HP of allies."
inspirit So Generous
0 | 0
Makes a Yo-kai generous enough to scatter money sometimes."
HP 50 374
ATK 6 42
SPR 27 201
DEF 17 145
SPD 20 140
Rank 2
Soultimate Zone Soultimate Zone
Item Holder Item count
Favourite Food
Common Drop
Extreme Star Burg. 11%
Rare Drop
Bitter Medicine 5%
Attack rate
Technique rate
inspirit rate
Guard rate