Gorgeous Amb.

Gorgeous Amb. Item count

This Yo-kai hates average, everyday things, and makes everything around him as luxurious as he can.

Ate good stuff Gorgeous!

Ate average food Thank you!

Ate awful food That is just nonsense!

Loafed My sparkle...

Befriended You're just the sort of gorgeous friend I've been looking to adorn myself with!

Traded My my! You're like a gorgeous uncut gem, aren't you? Allow me to polish you up!

Gasha What's that glum face all about?! Let's be gorgeous together!

skill Oh So Gorgeous All foes will be prone to Loafing around.
attack Smackdown
20x2 | 44x2
technique Voltage
80 | 120
soultimate Absolutely Fabulous
0 | 0
His FABULOUS, luxurious aura raises the stats of all allies."
inspirit Simply Gorgeous
0 | 0
Greatly lowers DEF by making a foe value showing off too much."
HP 36 356
ATK 21 139
SPR 22 147
DEF 27 173
SPD 20 129
Rank 5
Soultimate Zone Soultimate Zone
Item Holder Item count
Favourite Food
Common Drop
Blueberry Bagel 11%
Rare Drop
Golden Doll 1%
Attack rate
Technique rate
inspirit rate
Guard rate