Danke Sand

Danke Sand Item count

A sand dune with a mouth so big he can swallow almost any opponent. But he never forgets to say thanks!

Ate good stuff Thank you!

Ate average food Standard.

Ate awful food Bland at best.

Loafed Unremarkable...

Befriended Thanks for battling with me! Please be my friend!

Traded Thank you for bringing me here! Thank you! I'll REALLY try not to eat you...

Gasha Thank you! I'm so grateful to be free! Just like, really, really appreciative!

skill Sandbag Reduces Earth elemental damage taken by all allies.
attack Power Punch
50 | 110
technique Pebble
20 | 90
soultimate Thand You
120 | 120
Attacks foes in range with sandbags and energy from under the earth."
inspirit Sanks So Much
0 | 0
Fills a Yo-kai's heart with gratitude, boosting its DEF."
HP 48 418
ATK 5 40
SPR 21 166
DEF 26 193
SPD 9 75
Rank 1
Soultimate Zone Soultimate Zone
Item Holder Item count
Favourite Food
Common Drop
Pot Stickers 14%
Rare Drop
Support Special 4%
Attack rate
Technique rate
inspirit rate
Guard rate