Adm. Admiral

Adm. Admiral Item count

A continued lucky streak has lead to a promotion for Shipshape Sailor. Now you can really rely on him.

Ate good stuff Planned to perfection!

Ate average food Thank you!

Ate awful food Prime the cannons!

Loafed Keeping powder dry...

Befriended Ahoy there! We are both starboard bound so let's haul anchor together!

Traded Land ho! Ahoy there, matey! Mind if I take a shipshape sojourn on your shores?

Gasha -

skill Naval Blockade User and linked Yo-kai get a slight DEF boost.
attack Shoot
10 | 45
technique Waterfall
80 | 120
soultimate Full Broadside
0 | 0
Gives an order that greatly raises allies' morale and STR."
inspirit Defensive Posture!
0 | 0
Raises an ally's DEF by employing a major naval blockade."
HP 52 436
ATK 6 41
SPR 15 90
DEF 39 268
SPD 24 171
Rank 4
Soultimate Zone Soultimate Zone
Item Holder Item count
Favourite Food
Common Drop
King Salmon 10%
Rare Drop
Soul Secrets 2%
Attack rate
Technique rate
inspirit rate
Guard rate