Bronze Trophies

Bold Beginner

Installed the Trophy App on your Yo-kai Pad.

Promising Rookie

Played for 30+ hours.

String Slicer

Defeated Kat Kraydel.

Yo-kai Fan

Filled 25% of the Medallium.

Yo-kai Beginner

Obtained Rank 5 in random Yo-kai battles.

Yo-kai Trader

Traded Yo-kai 30 times.

Friend of the Fleshies

Connected to a player allied with the Fleshy Souls.

Brotherhood of Bones

Connected to a player allied with the Bony Spirits.

Social Butterfly

Encountered 100 people via StreetPass.


Completed 100 battles.

Official Gold Ace

Completed every official gold knockout bout.

Casual Gold Champ

Completed every casual gold knockout bout.

Boss Battler

Completed three boss rushes.

Soultimate Star

Performed 300 Soultimates.

Gold Master

Pinned 100 golden Wisps.

Spirit Master

Performed 1,000 Purifications.

Turning Tactician

Turned the Yo-kai Wheel a total of 9,999 times during battle.

Practiced Puzzler

Placed Yo-kai on 10 Baffle Board Hot Spots.

Terror Time Champion

Defeated Gargaros.

Impeccable Guest

Completed the Wedding Fox Trot challenge on Hard.

Magnificent Marcher

Completed the Kaos March challenge on Hard.

Deft Doppelgänger

Completed the Septuple Step challenge on Hard.

Groove Machine

Completed the Groovalicious Hustle challenge on Hard.

Music Lover

Unlocked every song in the Music App.

Film Buff

Unlocked every video in the Video App.

Treasure" Hunter

Delivered every item of vintage memorabilia to the museum.

Can Kicker

Kicked a can into every goal.

Mirror Master

Woke up every Mirapo.

Klutzy Kid

Fell over 30 times.

Red Head

Opened 10 red boxes.

Adventurous Gourmet

Collected every type of food.

Scratch-Card Star

Won a top prize from a scratch- off game.

Draw of Destiny

Got a jackpot at Granny Edna's candy shop.

Polishing Pro

Rubbed the golden-egg statue 20 times.


Collected every HarMEOWny photo.