Lurking in the Tree's Shade

## We've received several reports of people feeling like they're being watched from the trees. The trees also shake violently. We immediately went to look. After investigating, we also felt a fierce gaze. When we looked over our shoulders, the tree moved! The observer was a Yo-kai in the form of a tree!

School Ghost 1: Hidden Player

## A member of a school sports team told us this true story. While alone at school after hours, he saw a ball bouncing like an invisible player was dribbling it. The sound of a bouncing ball echoed as we looked around. The Hidden Player was real! There was nothing to see but definitely something there!

School Ghost 2: Scary Scale

## People at a certain school report that a machine seems to be measuring weight in the dead of night, despite no one being around to be weighed. Even with no one standing on it, the scale continued to measure weight. It turns out a Yo-kai was standing on it! It seems even Yo-kai like to weigh themselves.

School Ghost 3: Haunted Book

## We got a report from a certain school's library committee. A book in the library spontaneously flips its pages at night. Could it be a ghostly bookworm? After the school said OK, we crept into the library at night. Sure enough, a book's pages were flipping. Also sure enough, a Yo-kai was reading those pages.

School Ghost 4: Rowdy Piano

## At night, a piano in the music room lets out a terrible din. Despite complaints and hard work, the school has not yet determined who is at fault. As expected, a Yo-kai was the cause of the nighttime piano playing. The school doesn't know what to do, so the sleepless nights for the neighbors will continue.

School Ghost 5: Funny Bones

## We heard this tale from a certain school's science teacher. We were told a skeleton in one of the classrooms mocks the living by shaking its bones. We slipped into the classroom and the skeleton rattled at us. Some investigating revealed a Yo-kai—it was shaking out of fear of being found!

Return of the Haunted Book

## A reader of School Ghost 3: Haunted Book reports seeing a similar event with a book-loving ghost at his school. Of course we had to investigate! Our investigation took us to lovely Harrisville and its branch school. There we found a shape brazenly turning the pages of a book in broad daylight!

Beware of Cute Appearances

## There has been a recent string of children's things going missing at a park. A certain piece of play equipment is always around when it happens... A Yo-kai was stealing the belongings! It was shaped like a panda—how scary! We implore everyone to be aware of such things in the future.

The Frog Croaks in the Rain

## We were startled on a rainy day by a man tumbling down some stairs. "The frog! It moved!" he cried. We weren't sure why that was surprising... In the middle of a rain storm, we found an amazing moving frog. It was a stone statue at a shrine that, when struck by rain, moved like it was alive!

Tranquility Tale: Footsteps

## Rumors of ghosts haunting Tranquility Apartments are famous. For instance, on rainy days you can hear the sound of heavy footsteps coming from an empty pad. A Yo-kai in apartment A-302 was the cause of the footsteps. This Yo-kai is proud of its legs and keeps them in shape by running indoors on rainy days!

Tranquility Tale: Housekeeper

## Rumors of ghosts haunting Tranquility Apartments are famous. For instance, there's a pad that cleans itself. We could live there, but it feels...eerie. A Yo-kai called Brushido in apartment B-104 was the mystery housekeeper. His love of cleanliness led him to sweep up any dirt that he came across.

Tranquility Tale: Noise Warning

## Rumors of ghosts haunting Tranquility Apartments are famous. For instance, every time this one tenant leaves, mysterious roaring seems to come from their empty pad. A Yo-kai was responsible for the noise in Tranquility Apartments' apartment C-204. The Yo-kai loves to shout and did so on nights when the resident was out.

The Mysterious Moving Swing

## There's a swing in the park that, if you can believe it, swings itself. It's not the wind doing it, either. What could be going on with it? The scary swing was actually being moved by a nice Yo-kai. Apparently playground equipment is popular with Yo-kai as well!

Terrifying Hypno-Waves

## We have a report of an ATM that compels anyone before it to withdraw tons of cash. Could this machine be emitting some kind of hypnotic power? It turns out one of the Piggleston Bank ATMs was a transformed Yo-kai! I learned this firsthand, as it compelled me to withdraw all my savings...

Miracle! A Living Fossil!

## A dinosaur fossil started to move! We headed straight there when we heard. A moving dinosaur would cause quite a stir. Is the town going to be OK? Our investigation revealed that the moving dinosaur was a Yo-kai's doing. It was good to solve the mystery, but we were really hoping for a real dinosaur...

Ramen Tragedy

## A tragic event happened to a certain family. They were about to eat ramen when it suddenly went missing! Surely a Yo-kai is at fault! We examined the site of the disappearing ramen with our own eyes, discovering a frightful Yo-kai! We hope it doesn't cause any more misery.

Ramen Tragedy Strikes Again

## Ramen woes continue! We regret to say that the previously reported ramen disappearance has happened again—at a ramen shop this time! North Wind Ramen was the site of the event. We tried some of their ramen, and it was really good! A Yo-kai would love it, but he can't eat for free!

The Cursed Mannequin

## Mannequins shouldn't move, but there is a moving one in town. It has its own sense of style and moves in a creepy way. Where would mannequins be... The moving mannequin was at Superior Style in the shopping area. It was clear at a glance that it was a actually a Yo-kai, but it was still really scary.

Living Vegetables Appear!

## Vegetables are alive, but this seems to be a case of vegetables moving on their own! Could this be the discovery of a whole new life-form? The true nature of the vegetables was discovered! Amid the cabbages was a Yo-kai in cabbage form. No new life-form, but at least the cabbage was yummy!

A Sun Dancing in Sunlight

## We got a strange report from a kindergarten kid. Apparently a sun-shaped decoration stands perfectly still in the wind but moves about in the sun. The moving sun was on top of Little Buds Preschool. There was no mechanical reason for its moving, so we concluded a Yo-kai with a fondness for sunlight did it.

The Hungry Jizo

## Some people say they've seen a Jizo statue eating its offerings. The number of reports has been steadily increasing over time. Could they actually be true? Our investigation resulted in an amazing image of a moving Jizo. It wasn't reaching for the offering, but it was definitely moving!

The Gourd Pond Ghost Ship

## Ghost ship reports have flooded our editor's desk lately, and our hopes of a big story have swelled. However, the reports point to Gourd Pond, not the sea. The ghost ship appeared before our eyes at Gourd Pond! Though it was more of a ghost boat than a ghost ship...and also more of a Yo-kai boat...

Nuisance Vehicle Complaints

## Complaints have come in recently about a vehicle running wild. Usually a police matter, the fact that this vehicle has no driver intrigued our editor. The rampaging vehicle was a bicycle. Apparently a Yo-kai was learning how to ride. No objection here— learning to ride safely is important!

Power Concealed in the Smoke

## A new report! An object often associated with the start of summer has moved on its own! Some say the smoke from this object removes a horrible curse. A Yo-kai disguised as a mosquito-repelling incense had been keeping bugs away from the area. What would have happened if it burned out?

The Merry-Go-Round of Tales

## Several picture books have started to spin like a merry- go-round. What's more, they're doing it on their own, and we don't know how. Time to investigate! The revolving picture books turned out to be on a spinning bookcase in front of a bookseller. It's neat to look at but makes it hard to choose a book...

Mysterious Groaning Life-Form

## We have some odd notes about this life-form. It seems to react to dirty things in its mouth by groaning, but it's silent when the things are clean. The dangerous, groaning life-form turned out to be a drum-style washing machine in a laundromat. Inside the machine was a ferociously clean Yo-kai!

Violent Yet Charming Beast?

## A dangerous creature appeared in a playground! It looks charming, but it seems enraged and is making parents uneasy. We should check it out! We found a crazed panda in the park near Shopper's Row. It turned out to be a transformed, short- tempered Yo-kai! Sadly, why it's mad is still unclear.

The Runaway Signboard

## We have a report of a signboard that's turned up in an unlikely location. All evidence suggests the signboard is quite humble... “Apologies for the trouble” read the signboard. It hadn't left home—it was a Yo-kai in disguise! If it didn't want to make trouble, it shouldn't have morphed!

Spooky #1: Slithering Crimson

## We heard a ghost story from Old Springdale about something with a thin mouth and red body, and everyone would put their hand inside. What could it have been? A thin mouth and a red body with everyone putting their hands in... A postbox, of course! Yo-kai will take on the appearance of one and scare people.

Spooky #2: Messenger of God

## Springdale apparently once had a statue of a divine messenger. It's said to have been in a remote shrine, but there's not much known beyond that. We learned more about the messenger! It was a stone fox statue. Some say it may have been a Yo-kai, but it's hard to find the truth after so much time...

Spooky #3: Bottom of the Well

## We heard a ghost story from Old Springdale about the source of the town's water. And it seems the well was haunted and often drew water for itself. We heard an interesting thing about the well that drew water itself. It's possible that a Yo-kai was using it. Maybe it was a Kappa?

Spooky #4: Snapping Turtle!

## An elderly resident reported a shocking Springdale story. They say they were attacked as a child by a "snapping turtle." More likely a Yo-kai... We got a recording of the subject from the elderly resident. It showed a cute turtle character. A Yo-kai may have made it move, but we can't find out for sure.

Beware the Terror that Crawls

## A mysterious thing is creeping through town, filling people with fear as it knocks their feet from under them. Be careful, dear reader! The mysterious, creeping thing was a riderless skateboard! Yet another Yo-kai event, though fortunately this was not an evil one.

Mysterious Yellow Floaty

## We got word of a Yo-kai that slipped into a hot springs! In fact, we even determined that the Yo-kai transformed into a yellow object that floats in baths. We apprehended the yellow ducky floating in the hot springs. It revealed itself as a sneaky Yo-kai that planned to steal things from unsuspecting bathgoers.

The Haunted Hospital Room

## We got a real chill down our spine when we heard about a wheelchair that moves on its own. Maybe one of the old patients is still hanging around the hospital... It turns out a gleeful Yo-kai was responsible for the rolling wheelchair. Too bad. Even without the haunted wheelchair, the hospital is still super creepy.

The Super Spinning Mushroom

## We heard a rare new mushroom has been found. It lives indoors instead of in the woods and randomly spins violently. Is this a new age of discovery? The new mushroom turned out to be a toy mushroom house. Or rather, it was a Yo-kai disguised as one! So still sort of a new discovery!

Whither Didst the Letter Go?

## I want to send a letter to a special person, but letters that are being sent aren't making it to their destination. Our team suspects a Yo-kai! Our search took us to the post office. After a serious search, we discovered a Yo-kai hidden as a postbox. Our initial suspicions were correct!

Dance, Sun Flower!

## There is said to be a flower in a mountain village that dances for joy in the summer, cheering up all who see it. We grabbed our camera and hopped a train. We were delighted by the dancing flower, no doubt the result of a Yo-kai's antics. We'll return home with a spring in our steps.

Object X Floating in the Sea

## One summer day, we heard a chilling rumor! A strange object, which we've called Object X, was floating in the sea. We launched an investigation! It turns out Object X was a Yo-kai life preserver. The Yo-kai got so carried away having fun, it started shouting. Yo-kai and humans both love the sea!

Swim, Dried Fish!

## It seems a Yo-kai was fished out of the water and dried up. It's a bit annoyed at humans for this, but since it's all dried up, it probably can't move much. Our search led us to a fishing village on a rainy day. As suspected, the Yo-kai could only squelch around a little. It's not clear how this all came to be.

Rumored Humored Signboard

## A certain rumor is running amok in Springdale. A traffic sign to keep kids safe is laughing an unearthly laugh whenever someone is near... Yo-kai observe humans from a variety of locations. The traffic signboard was another shape-shifted Yo-kai. Maybe it was just watching over the children.

Visiting Hero

## We've heard word of a much-admired, transforming hero seen around town. Seeking a reason to believe in heroes, we set out to investigate. We found the hero striking a heroic pose! But we quickly realized it was just a transformed Yo-kai. With much sorrow, we went home, heroless.

Eyes Peeping from a Trashcan

## Ever felt like you were being watched from the darkness in Blossom Heights? There was probably a blue trashcan nearby when you did... The source of the eerie gaze in Blossom Heights was a Yo-kai in a trashcan. We must still remain wary! Yo-kai are always looking for a chance to spook us!

The Light Pursuing Drivers

## A driver felt a hard stare as he drove late at night. In his mirror, he saw blazing eyes glaring at him from the side of the road. The bright eyes were just the taillights in a curved mirror! But was it a regular old curved mirror? No way! It was a Yo-kai!

A Legendary Sword Found!

## Word is out on a legendary sword found in an antiques store! Apparently all who owned it met untimely ends. Seems shady, but we went to look anyway. The legendary sword was quite real, though it was actually a long-disguised Yo-kai. We now have some idea of why the former owners met untimely ends...

Target: Springdale

## Devastating news! A powerful Yo-kai from the far north has come to our town and is even now scoping out things from a high place. What's this mean? The visiting Yo-kai was watching from the observation deck of Excellent Tower! Thankfully, it was only planning sightseeing destinations.

Ghostly Starfish at the Coast!

## A giant ghostly starfish covered in concrete-like skin rattles violently at a peaceful fishing village. Are the villagers safe? It turns out the starfish was actually a Yo-kai in tetrapod form! It was staring out to sea in a melancholy way, but it still caused quite a stir!

Heavyweight Boxing Ghost

## Apparently there's a boxer around who throws a mean punch, but no one has ever seen him—only the swinging punching bag. We went to investigate. There was no one in front of the punching bag. That's right, it was a Yo-kai training day and night to be a boxing champ. We believe in him!

Telescope Longing for Stars

## A certain boy says his telescope is behaving strangely. It seems to move on its own—searching the stars. Is an alien trying to make contact? We investigated the telescope and discovered a beautiful female Yo-kai, perfect for the stars. She wasn't an alien, but we're still glad to have met!

Beautiful Angel in a Flap

## There's word of an angel somewhere in Breezy Hills. Apparently, even its imperfections are things of beauty! It may leave at any moment! The Breezy Hills angel was a Yo-kai disguised as the image of an angel with a single wing. We praised its beauty, and we heard laughter from somewhere...

The Bell That Tolls at Night

## We've heard about a bell that rings through the night, every night, not just on New Year's Eve. It's disrupting the neighbors' sleep, so we're looking into it! We rushed to the Temple of Virtue. It turns out the bell was being rung by a noble Tengu. It gave us a stern lecture and then left the area.

Another Bell That Tolls at Night

## We'd already looked into a Yo-kai that made a bell ring all night. An identical situation has come up elsewhere. We have a bad feeling about this... We found a huge Tengu at the Shoten Temple in Blossom Heights. We aired our grievances and got an even longer lecture in return. Then the Tengu left.

Another Bell That Tolls at Night

## We'd already looked into a Yo-kai that made a bell ring all night. An identical situation has come up elsewhere. We have a bad feeling about this... We found a huge Tengu at the Shoten Temple in Blossom Heights. We aired our grievances and got an even longer lecture in return. Then the Tengu left.