Children at Play

## With my yellow hat and red shirt, my disguise is perfect. Don't be cross when I laugh about how well I nailed it! A Yo-kai was disguised as a sign! Yo-kai compete to be the best at hiding just like this.

Stuck in a Dark Place

## I was playing in the Heights and hopped into this stinky, blue cylinder. Now I can't get out. Yuck! A Yo-kai got stuck in a garbage can. It seems like some Yo-kai really like dark, cramped spaces.

I Wanna Play Too!

## Back and forth, back and forth. Looks like fun to play this way, but how have they not caught us yet? The swing set at Triangle Park is a Yo-kai favorite. Lots of Yo-kai sneak over to play on it.

Mail Call!

## When I'm disguised, people just hand me their mail! None of it's for me, but I like to read it all anyway. A new Yo-kai fad has them disguising themselves as mailboxes. They seem to enjoy reading all that mail.

Such a Blessing

## Everyone puts their hands together in prayer in front of me. It makes me feel like a stone-cold super Yo-kai! Egocentric Yo-kai have disguised themselves as deity statues for hundreds of years.

Coiled and Ready

## I hid myself in that green, coiled thing that people sometimes use to drive away bugs in summer. Negatibuzz disguised himself as a mosquito coil, even though he claims to hate the smell...

Weighing In

## I've been really into getting fit lately. I'm trying to keep track of my stats, but I think this scale is broken. Chatalie was hiding out at a scale and encouraging others to be more active.

Pardon Our Dust

## Safety first! Keep the hard hat on and the eyes open! And most importantly, give 110 percent to the job! A Yo-kai disguised itself as construction-site signage. It seems like Yo-kai really like this type of disguise.

The Big Blue

## The weather was so good, I just had to take a dip. Time slips away when you're just floating on the waves. A Yo-kai was relaxing on a life preserver out at sea. It seems even Yo-kai need vacations now and then.

Hi Score

## Punch! Kick! Level 5 Ultra Turbo Omega Hyper Nifty Desperation Super Combo! No one can beat my score! Tantroni is confident in his gaming skills, and he was fighting against human players at the arcade!


## I started practicing riding, since I want to travel. My balance isn't great, but I'm gonna keep on trying! In a survey of 1,000 Yo-kai, bicycles were the top most- wanted items. Some Yo-kai secretly practice cycling.

Black and White

## This disguise is great! Cute, fluffy, black and white, legs that move—and it makes the kids at the park happy! Chummer was disguised as a panda playground toy. He really likes making sure the kids have fun. How nice!

I'm Quite the Find!

## I disguised myself as junk to blend in at a store full of junk. Pretty sharp, huh? But I'm bored, so find me! Cutta-nah was hidden among the junk at Whatta Find. He was there so long, he forgot he was disguised.

This Is a Job for...Me!

## Kids love superheroes, so I figured I'd mimic one of their favorites. But I'm not very good at his pose. Blazion disguised himself as a superhero standee in front of a toy store. Seems like it was really fun for him.

Court Star

## I heard sports stars are popular with the ladies, so I practice on the court a lot. So far, nothing's changed. It seems Yo-kai will believe almost anything, like the idea that playing basketball inevitably makes one cool.

Punch Power!

## Put your faith in the only thing you can rely on: your fists! You gotta train to punch in battle! Quaken was pummeling a punching bag. Most Yo-kai are lazy, so it's weird to see one training so hard.

Even Yo-kai Get Sick

## Whenever I don't feel well, I visit that place that makes you feel better. It's nice to have a place to sit and rest. Injured Yo-kai often go to Nocturne Hospital. If you see a wheelchair move by itself, that's a Yo-kai.

Four-Wheeled Cool

## Kids these days, with their fancy rolling tricks and jumps... I gotta say, it does look impressive. Skateboarding is a really popular Yo-kai trend right now. Yo-kai practice every day to look cool doing it.

Reading Around

## I racked my brain trying to think of a place to hide. My head's seriously spinning, and I can't stop to shop! Blips was disguised as a turning rack at a bookstore. She says it's like a fun ride when people look for books.

Flawless Flavor

## Rich broth! Tender pork! Sublimely chewy bamboo shoots! The egg is icing on the perfect noodly cake! Hungorge was at the ramen shop. He seemed a little disgruntled at exposure as he was just trying to eat.

A Modern Bathtub

## This must be what humans call a "bathtub." But why all the spinning, sloshing, and laundry detergent? Sushiyama may not be the sharpest knife in the shed. He thought a washing machine was a bathtub!

No Way Past

## If there's one thing I love, it is blocking the narrow path through Mount Wildwood. You might just squeeze by. There was a Yo-kai keeping folks from passing through Mount Wildwood. Blocking bridges is an old pastime.

Nighttime Study

## "A book a night makes all right." That's what they say! I just have to put 'em all back when I'm done... Dummkap was reading books in the library at night, hoping to better himself. Best of luck, Dummkap!

Service with a Smile!

## There's nothing like money! I just love sitting out in front of the counter where all can see me. Castelius II hid himself in a cash machine just so he could be closer to money. He seems satisfied.

Thunderous Ringing

## On stormy nights a shadow falls on Blossom Heights and 108 bells ring out around the city. Papa Bolt was ringing the bell at Shoten Temple in the middle of a storm. It seemed as though he loved it.

Standing in Style

## I want the girls to like me, so I figured a style change was in order. Sporting new duds is just the thing! The unpopular Yo-kai Casanono was disguised as a fashionable mannequin. He's still unpopular, though.

Oar-Powered Dates

## I hear humans talking about this being a standard date. I've been trying it out, but I have no one to go with. Boat dates at the park are the newest craze for fad- loving Yo-kai. I hope they each find someone special.

Seeing Stars

## I come here on clear nights to see stars as beautiful as I am. Springdale may be big, but few homes have these. Casanuva was using a telescope for stargazing. It seems like that gives him some sort of inner peace.

Hello? Anyone? Roar?

## I tried moving what must be the biggest model in town, but no one paid attention. Maybe it was TOO big? Nul just wanted someone to notice him. He kept moving a dinosaur fossil to get some attention.

Artistic Yo-kai

## I'm still during the day, but I can stretch at night. I like my artful disguise with its beautiful wing. Mama Aura was disguised as an angel statue in the museum. It's fitting, since she has an angel's heart.