Yo-kai Watch Anime Season 1

Season 1
Episode 1
Nate is introduced into the world of the Yo-kai when he frees the Yo-kai butler Whisper from a capsule machine and receives the Yo-kai Watch
Yo-kai Are Real! The Spooky Intersection
WhisperDismareldaHappierre Jibanyan
Episode 2
Nate investigates a mysterious creature which has been seen in the city's river. He meets with Tattletell, a Yo-kai forcing her victims to reveal embarrassing secrets.
The One in the Water Why Did You Say That? Katie's Secret
Walkappa Tattletell None
Episode 3
Nathan's classmates are scared by a rumour which is about a dog with a human face. And Roughraff, a scoundrel Yo-kai who has inspirited nathan's best friend: Eddie.
The Rare One Yo-kai Manjimutt Here Comes Roughraff Manjimutt Part 2
Noko Manjimutt RoughraffBadinyan None
Episode 4
Nate meets Hungramps, a Yo-kai making anyone hungry, at the local supermarket. He also has to face an epidemic of memory lapse. Meanwhile, Manjimutt tries to transform himself.
Yo-kai Medallium Yo-kai Hungramps Yo-kai Wazzat Manjimutt Part 3
None Hungramps Wazzat None
Episode 5
The mysterious Illoo's visit complicates Nate's Valentine's day, while at the house, an exorcist makes him fear for his friends safety.
Manjimutt Part 4 Yo-kai Illoo Let's Exorcise!
None Illoo None
Episode 6
While the cleaning day is harder with the visit of a very motivating Yo-kai, Nate's dentist is inspirited by Negatibuzz, and Signibble is the troublemaker of Nate and his friends pyjama party.
Manjimutt Part 5 Yo-kai Blazion Yo-kai Negatibuzz The Sleepover
None Blazion Negatibuzz Signibble
Episode 7
Nate has a new friend: Komasan, a Yo-kai from the countryside visiting for the first time the town. Things get harder when the trio Nosirs comes disturbing the school exam.
Manjimutt Part 6 Here's Komasan! Yo-kai Nosirs
None Komasan Nosirs
Episode 8
Enduriphant, a Yo-kai giving the urge to pee, inspirits the school, while Jibanyan is inspirited by Hidabat.
Manjimutt Part 7 Yo-kai Fidgephant Yo-kai Hidabat
None Fidgephant Hidabat
Episode 9
During a treasure hunt, Nate meets with Cadin and receive the visit of a mysterious visitor from the future: Robonyan, a robot Yo-kai.
Komasan in the City: Here's Komajiro Yo-kai Cadin Robonyan Activate!
Komajiro Cadin Robonyan
Episode 10
Nate is unlucky thanks to the Yo-kai Buhu, and his medallium has opened a portal summoning a legendary Yo-kai: Shogunyan.
Komasan in the City: Urban Living Yo-kai Buhu The Legend of Shogunyan
None Buhu Shogunyan
Episode 11
Nate, Eddie and Bear are on the way to buy the latest famous video game. But the journey turns into despair thanks to the Yo-kai Spenp. And Nate refuses everything after being inspirited by Noway.
Komasan in the City: The Turnstile Yo-kai Spenp Yo-kai Noway Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape: Catch & Release
None Spenp Noway None
Episode 12
The pestilential cloud of gas overwhelming Nate's classroom can only come from the Yo-kai Cheeksqueek. Meanwhile Komasan is amazed by the ease Komajiro is with technology.
Komasan in the City: Ear Warmers Yo-kai Cheeksqueek Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape: Part 1
None Cheeksqueek None
Episode 13
Under Chatalie's influence, Bear throw himself into a serie of mind-blowing challenges. Nate's danse skill is getting some help from the trio of Yo-kai dancers.
Komasan in the City: Low Budget Vittles Yo-kai Chatalie Yo-kai Dancers Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape: Episode 2
None Chatalie WiglinSteppaRhyth None
Episode 14
Nate's mom is inspirited by Dazzabel and is attending the parent school day in a noticeable outfit. Nate might become the laughing stock of the school.
Komasan in the City: The Magic Floor Yo-kai Dazzabel & Yo-kai Dimmy Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape: Episode 3
None DazzabelDimmy None
Episode 15
A cool afternoon in the hot springs is disturbed by the Yo-kai Sproink. And Nate cannot call for help since he has been inspirited by Babblong.
Komasan in the City: DJKJ Yo-kai Sproink Yo-kai Babblong Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape: Episode 4
None Sproink Babblong None
Episode 16
A mysterious gift from Whisper triggers a serie of events during the Adams vacations. Their trip to the waterfalls is leaded by Peppillon, Drizzle and Mirapo.
Yo-kai Peppillon Komasan in the City: My Cool Brother Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape: Episode 5
PeppillonDrizzleMirapo None None
Episode 17
A cloud fells on the Mother's day. Nate's mother is inspirited by Cynake and Rockabelly starts the trend of the strange belly-dancing in town.
Komasan: Movin On Up Episode 1 Yo-kai Cynake Yo-kai Rockabelly Manjimutt: The Great Dog Escape: Episode 6
None Cynake Rockabelly None
Episode 18
The charming Kyubi arrived in town to steal hearts' energy. And Nate incur's Gargaros wrath for disobey to his mom.
Kyubi: Operation Heartbreak Yo-kai Gargaros Komasan: Movin On Up! Episode 2
Kyubi Gargaros None
Episode 19
At school, everyone is sleeping thanks to Baku. Nate summons a legendary Yo-kai for the first time ! Meanwhile Kyubi keeps trying to charm Katie.
Komasan: Movin On Up! Episode 3 Yo-kai Baku Kyubi: Operation Amusement Park
None Baku None
Episode 20
With a new page full, the medallium summons Dandoodle, a legendary Yo-kai charming everyone. Komasan is in charge of Dandai while the company's president is in vacations, but he realises he starts to lose contact with Komajiro.
The Legend of Dandoodle Komasan: Movin' On Up! Episode 4
Dandoodle None
Episode 21
Nate's classmates give up what they were doing thanks to D'wanna. Insomni inspirit the school and makes everyone insomniac. Meanwhile, Komasan is in love.
Yo-kai D'wanna Yo-kai Insomni Komasan in Love Episode 1
D'wanna Insomni None
Episode 22
Nate asks help from Coughkoff to skip class. Yo-kai Ake and Payn trigger an epidemic of stiff necks in Nate's classroom. Meanwhile, Komasan fears for his ladylove.
Komasan in Love Episode 2 Yo-kai Duchoo Yo-kai Ake & Payn
None DuchooCoughkoff AkePayn
Episode 23
Mom's Nate is inspirited by Grubsnitch, a food thief. And B3-NK1 is looking for the screw which gives life to robots. Meanwhile, Komasan tries to protect his friend from unknown dangers.
Komasan in Love Episode 3 Yo-kai Grubsnitch Yo-kai B3-NK1
None Grubsnitch B3-NK1
Episode 24
Komasan talks with the girl he loves for the first time. Bear, Katie and Edie then Jibanyan and Whisper suffer from depression thanks to Tengloom. Nate and Jibanyan meet with Whisper's "friend".
Komasan in Love Episode 4 Yo-kai Tengloom The Real One
None Tengloom Tengu
Episode 25
After a quarrel with nate, Jibanyan gets a chance to come back in time living his last day with Amy, his former owner.
Jibanyan's Secret
Sgt. BurlyKinGin
Episode 26
Espy inspirits Katie giving her the power to read people's thoughts. And Peckpocket make other steal things from everybody at school. Komasan is hesitating to reveal his true nature to his beloved human.
Yo-kai Espy Yo-kai Peckpocket Komasan in Love Episode 5
Espy Peckpocket None