Rank Key Name Chapter Version Weather
Rank A Cicada Professional Chapter 1
Rank Matt, Don't Give Up! Chapter 1
Rank Customer Attraction! Chapter 1
Rank Officially Official! Chapter 3
Rank Bam-Boom! Fusing! Chapter 3
Rank Secrets of Soulcery Chapter 4
Rank No Time For Fishin'! Chapter 4
Rank The Gates of Whimsy Chapter 3
Rank Eerie, Roving Armor Chapter 8
Rank The Final Gate Chapter 3
Rank Timers & More's Part Chapter 5
Rank The Shrine's Part Chapter 5
Rank The Ironworks' Part Chapter 5
Rank Find Pallysol! Chapter 6
Rank Find Gnomey! Chapter 6
Rank Find Predictabull! Chapter 6
Rank Find Mermaidyn! Chapter 6
Rank Find Faux Kappa! Chapter 6
Rank Jibanyan's Secret Chapter 7
Rank Retrace Dad's Steps Chapter 7
Rank Nyada's Trials IV Chapter 9
Rank Nyada's Trials V Chapter 9
Rank Nyada's Trials VI Chapter 9
Rank Nyada's Trials I Chapter 10
Rank Nyada's Trials II Chapter 10
Rank Nyada's Trials III Chapter 10
Rank Go for Rank C! Chapter 4
Rank Go for Rank B! Chapter 7
Rank Go for Rank A! Chapter 8
Rank Go for Rank S! Chapter 10
Rank True Hide-and-Seek Chapter 4
Rank Super Hide-and-Seek Chapter 6
Rank Ultra Hide-and-Seek Chapter 8
Rank Expert Hide-and-Seek Chapter 9
Rank C-1 Grand Prix Chapter 7
Rank C-1 Grand Prix A Chapter 8
Rank C-1 Grand Prix S Chapter 9
Rank C-1 Grand Prix X Chapter 10
Rank Bear Boy: Origins Chapter 3
Rank The Bear Boy Returns Chapter 6
Rank Ultimate Bear Boy Chapter 9
Rank Hangout Havoc Chapter 3
Rank Time and Toys Chapter 8
Rank Who's That Girl Chapter 9
Rank Treasure Hunters Pt. 1 Chapter 3
Rank Treasure Hunters Pt. 2 Chapter 6
Rank Treasure Hunters Pt. 3 Chapter 8
Rank Catchy Fandom Chapter 4
Rank A Card-Carrying Liar Chapter 7
Rank The Secret Base Chapter 3
Rank Gone Haunting Chapter 5
Rank The Heartthrobs Chapter 7
Rank Ghost Club at School Chapter 6
Rank The Haunted Hospital Chapter 8
Rank The Phantom Giant Chapter 9
Rank Makeover Takeover Chapter 3
Rank Too Much Makeover Chapter 7
Rank Springdale Star Pt. 1 Chapter 4
Rank Springdale Star Pt. 2 Chapter 8
Rank Gourmet Grand Prix Chapter 4
Rank - Chapter 9
Rank Back to Yo-kai World Chapter 10
Rank Nightmare Revelation Chapter 10
Rank Collection Correction Chapter 2
Rank Inspirited Away Chapter 5
Rank Long Lost Love Chapter 5
Rank Take to the Sea! Chapter 6
Rank All Aboard Chapter 6
Rank Your Local Mascot Chapter 6
Rank King of the Cicadas Chapter 7
Rank A Steamy Friendship Chapter 7
Rank I Just Wanna Grow Up Chapter 7
Rank Dinner on Hold Chapter 8
Rank Mr. Byrd's Tragic Tale Chapter 10
Rank The Price of the World Chapter 10
Rank Watch the Skies Chapter 10
Rank The God of the Sea Chapter 10
Rank Which Beetle's Better Chapter 5
Rank Moving Blues Chapter 5
Rank Foodie Feuds Chapter 8
Rank Oden of the Soul Pt. 1 Chapter 4
Rank Oden of the Soul Pt. 2 Chapter 4
Rank Oden of the Soul Pt. 3 Chapter 4
Rank Train Lie-in with Pride Chapter 4
Rank Seal No Evil Chapter 6
Rank The Realest Kappa Chapter 8
Rank The Bony General Chapter 10
Rank Enma and the Serpent Chapter 10
Rank Slicenrice Under Fire Chapter 4
Rank The Price of Iron Chapter 6
Rank From the Future! Chapter 8
Rank The Old Fox Shrine Chapter 10
Rank Fleshy Souls General Chapter 10
Rank Whistory Lesson, Part 1 Chapter 10
Rank Whistory Lesson, Part 2 Chapter 10
Rank Whistory Lesson, Part 3 Chapter 10
Rank Getting to Gera Gera Chapter 10
Rank Getting Gera Gera Going Chapter 10
Rank Gera Gera Good-Byes Chapter 10
Rank Independent Study, Pt. 1 Chapter 5
Rank Independent Study, Pt. 2 Chapter 7
Rank Independent Study, Pt. 3 Chapter 9
Rank Little Grandma's Helper Chapter 10
Rank C-1 Grand Prix Y Chapter 10
Rank Directator's All-Star Cast Chapter 4
Rank A Real Charmer Chapter 6
Rank Trying Tangle Tango Chapter 8
Rank Legendary Legacy Chapter 10
Rank Cap'n Crash...'n' Burn Chapter 10
Rank A Legend's Loco Motive Chapter 10
Rank Tamer of Time Chapter 10
Rank Unfairy: Origins Chapter 10
Rank Unkaind: Origins Chapter 10
Rank Untidy: Origins Chapter 10
Rank Unpleasant: Origins Chapter 10
Rank Unkeen: Origins Chapter 10
Rank Jibanyan's Own Home Chapter 10
Rank The Darknyan Chapter 10